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Among the leading manufacturers of Automotive Synchronizer Rings in India

CY Myutec ANAND Private Limited, established in 2008, manufactures Automotive Synchronizer Rings for manual transmission. A Joint Venture between CY Myutec, Korea and ANAND, we manufacture Single cone and Multi- cone (double-triple) Synchronizer Rings for passenger car applications, with the capability to supply friction coated rings as well.

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Industry Leader for Automotive Solutions in India

Provider of the widest range of solutions to the Indian Automotive Industry, ANAND is among India's leading manufacturers of Automotive Systems and Components making it the country’s leading OEM supplier. ANAND has a major presence in the Indian Aftermarket as well, with some of its major brands being Market Leaders. The group supplies to every major vehicle and engine manufacturer in the country.

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CY Myutec

Leading Manufacturer of Synchroniser Rings

CY Myutec, Korea is the leading manufacturer of the synchronizing gear (called Synchronizer ring), used in manual transmission in Korea. The company is well recognised for its technical enterprise and manufactures a variety of technical products such as factory automation systems, automotive parts, relay devices, software program for PC and PLC, among others. It designs and produces a wide range of automated mechanisms and their associated parts.

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