Auto Friction Materials
    Forged Brass Synchronizer Rings
    Carbon - Coated Synchronizer Rings
    Synchro - Pack Supply
    Swash Plate
    Design Service of Manual Transmission
    Consultancy of Shift Change Feeling Improvement
    Validation Service for Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission

    CY Myutec Anand Private Limited manufacturing facility at Chennai is equipped with state of the art machinery. including forging presses, 12 CNC turning centers, liquid honing machinery, and multi-cone lapping machines for maximizing production and reducing turnaround time, as well as a 200 Ton Friction press from Korea.

    We ensure the highest quality standards in manufacturing with our advanced quality-checking machines


    Our advanced and high-tech quality-checking equipment, includes a Torque Testing Machine with the latest technology, a 3D co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), Contour Graph, a Profile projector, Surface Testing, Roundness tester and a Linear Height Master for quality checks, all of which have helped us deliver zero ppm damage products since 2008.