Auto Friction Materials
    Forged Brass Synchronizer Rings
    Carbon - Coated Synchronizer Rings
    Synchro - Pack Supply
    Swash Plate
    Design Service of Manual Transmission
    Consultancy of Shift Change Feeling Improvement
    Validation Service for Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission

    We focus on continuous customer engagement to understand specific design needs and leverage the advantage of the CY Myutec Global R&D team to deliver their requirements.Our products are all tested and validated at the CY Myutec testing facility in Korea.

    At CY Myutec Anand Private Limited we continuously engage with our customers to ensure that we go beyond merely satisfying their current needs and address our customers’ future requirements as well.

    We also leverage the advantage of the CY Myutec Global R&D team. This team is focused on path breaking research in synchronizer rings technology.  From deriving the System Layout and Synchropack Designing to Shift feeling Analysis and Vehicle level testing, we continuously strive to excel using our exhaustive in-house R&D procedures. CY Myutec performs not only as a synchronizer ring supplier but also as an overall specialist and technical consultant, sharing its expertise and insights at every stage, right from designing to development of synchronizer rings, as needed by its customers.