Auto Friction Materials
Forged Brass Synchronizer Rings
Carbon - Coated Synchronizer Rings
Synchro - Pack Supply
Swash Plate
Design Service of Manual Transmission
Consultancy of Shift Change Feeling Improvement
Validation Service for Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission

We manufacture automotive brake friction material using advanced technologies under highly stringent standards in our facilities. Our constant drive for quality and innovation makes us one of the largest suppliers of brass synchronizer rings and other brake friction materials to the automotive industry in India. We value our relationships with each of our customers and strive towards developing deep bonds based on faith and trust in our products and organization.

CY Myutec Anand Private Limited is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Synchronizer Rings to the Indian Automotive Industry. We focus on enhancing the driving comfort of vehicles in partnership with our customers, in an effort to continuously improve our products based on their feedback.

Major customers:

  • Hyundai Motors India
  • General Motors India
  • Mobis
  • Other customers in the Southern region