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    Validation Service for Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission

    CY Myutec Anand Private Limited established in 2008 is a Joint venture between CY Myutec, Korea (earlier Chang Yun of Korea) and ANAND to manufacture Synchronizer rings for the automotive industry. We are a major supplier to Hyundai Motor India for the entire future range of transmissions assembled in India. We also supply to General Motors, India and other customers in the Southern region.

    The company manufactures some of the finest automotive brake friction materials, including hot forged brass synchronizer rings and multi cone rings. We are also one of the largest suppliers of brass synchronizer rings and brake friction materials to the automobile industry in India.

    India’s leading manufacturers of Hot Forged Brass Synchronizer Rings, Automotive Brake Friction Material Suppliers  and  Single Cone and Multi cone Synchronizers.

    CY Myutec is among the country’s leading manufacturers of Single Cone and Multi cone Synchronizers for passenger car application. We also supply friction coated rings developed specially to suit our customer requirements.


    State -of-the-art manufacturing facility with Forging presses & CNC Turning Centers. The facility is located in Chennai, which is accredited by ISO/TS-16949:2009 and ISO-14001:2004 certified, with the latest forging presses and CNC turning centres, as well as quality testing equipment like the 3D coordinate measuring machine and contour tracer for superior quality checks. e have maintained a ‘Zero PPM’ (zero defects supply per million parts) supply of parts to Hyundai Motors, India, since 2008.

    The only company in India to use the liquid honing process

    We are the only manufacturers of Synchronizer Rings in India to use the liquid honing process, which improves the initial performance of the product.  Through our collaborators we also provide the advantage of carbon coating, fabric carbon, carbon molding, and steel ring technologies to our customers.

    Instituting the best global quality management practices

    We strive to bring global quality practices, practiced by CY Myutec, Korea to the Indian automotive industry, ensuring we are able to provide products of the highest standards to our customers.